Chrome OS 80 Arrives with Improvements for Running Linux, Ambient EQ, Netflix

After several days of delay, the new version of Chrome OS 80 was finally released, as the launch was scheduled for February 11, but it was postponed due to the presence of a lock release problem, because it violated the display of the main window when processing nested iframe blocks downloaded from third-party sites in a certain way.

Although the delay was extended for a little over 2 weeks, this did not let the developers in charge were pleased to announce its launch, as this new version of the system comes with some new changes and quite interesting improvements.

What’s new in Chrome OS 80?

This new version Chrome OS 80 comes with the basis of the latest stable version of the Chrome 80 web browser along with all its news and also with the support for automatic screen rotation when connecting an external input device.

On the other hand we can find that the improvements made in the environment to run Linux applications stand out, since it has been updated to Debian 10 in addition to that for fans of other distributions, external developers have prepared instructions to use Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS or Arch Linux

Here it is necessary to take into account that the users warn that the update to Chrome OS 80 interrupts the work of previously installed environments with alternative distributions.

Another of the changes that stand out in this new version of Chrome OS 80 is in the tablets with touch screen because now instead of a complete virtual keyboard, the system has the ability to display a compact digital unit by default on the screens of login and lock.

We can also find the support implemented for Ambient EQ technology , which allows you to automatically adjust the white balance and the color temperature of the screen, which makes the image more natural and not tiresome for the eyes.

The parameters of the screen are adapted according to the external conditions, which makes the work comfortable both in strong sunlight and in the dark. The first device compatible with Ambient EQ will be the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, which will go on sale in April.

The ARC ++ environment was improved as the ability to install APK packages using the “adb” utility was added without the need to put Chrome OS in developer mode, which is useful for testing applications. When installed in this way, during a screen lock, a warning is displayed that there are unverified applications in the system.

As for the improvement for netflix installed in the Google Play Android environment, support for the “Picture in Picture” mode is implemented , which allows the user to continue working with sites or applications while watching a video.

Last but not least, we can also find that the interface for the discrete production of notifications on the authorization request by websites and web applications has been activated , which does not require an instant response from the user, but only shows a warning clue informative, which is then minimized to an indicator with a crossed out bell.

By clicking on the indicator, you can activate or reject the requested permission at any convenient time.

And that was added the experimental gesture control mode , which allows convenient control of the interface on devices with touch screens.

For example, on Android, you can activate and hide the panel and the list of available applications by moving from the bottom of the screen, looking through the window lists by sliding the screen, minimizing windows by moving the pal by blocking windows in Mosaic mode with a long touch.

To activate this experimental function, simply go to the following route “chrome://flags/#shelf-hotseat”.

If you want to know more about this release you can check the following link.

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