Convert PDF into Word: 8 Best Websites and Apps

One of the most annoying things is seeing PDF material that you need to edit, but you can’t do it for the lack of free software that does it. The solution sometimes is to turn PDF into Word so you can change what you need in the most popular text editor.

After all, when trying to copy and paste the snippet you need into a TXT file, formatting is often so weird that we just gave up trying to fix everything. But if there are tools to convert PDF to JPG or applications to convert text to audio or vice versa, we can certainly find others that can turn PDF into Word.

So we searched the internet for some sites and apps you can use to finally get an editable document that ends up with completely meaningless formatting.

Check out our findings below!

1. SmallPDF

One of Adobe’s most complete file conversion sites, SmallPDF lets you adapt your PDF to many other types of documents, even Excel spreadsheets. Note that you can also use it to turn your Word files into PDF, although current versions of the text editor already make this possible natively.

SmallPDF also lets you edit the PDF directly, and makes other changes, such as rotating the PDF, removing specific pages, and compressing multiple documents into one.

Click on the link to start using SmallPDF.

2. iLovePDF

Another widely used website for turning PDF into Word, iLovePDF’s highlight is also its versatility. That is, you can convert documents to many types of files, including PowerPoint, the most commonly used presentation program.

In addition to PDF to text, image, and even Excel conversions, iLovePDF also lets you merge multiple files into one. You can also separate a file into different documents and compress files that are too large to send by email.

Start using iLovePDF via the link!

3. PDF to Word

With the simplest name of the websites and apps on this list, PDF to Word is a converter in the same way as the ones mentioned above. As soon as you open the page, you are prompted to choose which formats you want to convert.

It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to transform Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to PDF. Once you have made your selection, simply submit the files to be converted and leave your email.

From there, PDF to Word will convert and send it to the address indicated. The functionality is free and, in the premium version, you can also make PDF edits.

Other features of the paid version include being able to merge documents, separate them and even create documents from scratch already in PDF. Visit the link to know the PDF to Word.

4. PDFCandy

One of the few websites that also have an application to turn PDF to Word on your Windows computer. PDFCandy offers other extensions to convert your document, even some less commonly used, such as TIFF image, RTF text, and even EPUB format digital books.

The functions that allow you to change the PDF file without converting it to any other extension are also varied. In addition to joining or separating documents, you can add watermarks, resize pages, and edit metadata, among others.

So be sure to click the link to learn more about PDFCandy.

5. PDF to DOC

Mentioning the extension of Word files, PDF to DOC is also one of the sites and apps with the most options for converting PDF files. It also makes it possible to convert documents into other extensions to PDF, including JPG images.

Editing functions are more limited but also present. These include the ability to combine PDFs into one and compress larger files.

Click the link to learn more about PDF to DOC.

6. Free PDF Converter

Despite the name in English, the site is entirely in Portuguese. In addition to converting your PDFs to be edited in Word, you can also use it to convert your texts to PDF.

In addition, Free PDF Converter also enables you to convert Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slide shows, JPG format images, and even OpenOffice files and ebooks.

See more about the features of Free PDF Converter by visiting the link.

7. CleverPDF

If you use a Mac, CleverPDF may be the best site to turn PDF into Word or Pages, native to Apple computers. That is, this app lets you convert both Microsoft Office files and Mac office programs.

It is also one of the few that can convert from PDF to MOBI, format read by Amazon’s digital reader. What does that mean?

What pleases Greeks, Trojans and even Persians!

You can also use CleverPDF to protect your files and unlock them. The program also makes it possible to join or separate your documents and add watermarks, among many others.

Click on the link to start using CleverPDF now!

8. SodaPDF

Closing our list with websites and apps for turning PDF into Word, we have SodaPDF. It is one of the few converters that, in addition to text documents, also allows you to convert HTML files and even GIFs can be eternalized into a PDF. Although they will certainly be less funny.

In addition to the conversion tools, the site also allows you to place your digital signature on PDF files, as well as join or separate your documentation.

To learn more about SodaPDF, just go to the link to start testing it!

Turn PDF into Word: What’s Your Favorite Website?

Now that you’ve known the best site and app options for turning PDF into Word, be sure to try each one and see which one offers the best conversions.

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