How To – Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos

Nowadays, everyone uses Facebook, which results in many of our photos stored on Facebook, which is a problem as it is not meant to serve as image storage or anything like that.

Google Photos is Google’s almost lossless resolution solution for storing your images and videos with free unlimited storage and gives you easy access to all your visual media files in one place.

With that in mind, we created this tutorial on how to pass photos from Facebook to Google Photos, where we not only show you a detailed walkthrough but also explain everything you need to know about the search champion’s service.

1. How to download photos from Facebook

The first step in the process of uploading photos from Facebook to Google Photos starts within the source platform and can be done through mobile apps or desktop. Let’s start with step by step on a smartphone.

To get started, open the Facebook app; click on the three lines in the upper right corner, then go to  “Settings and Privacy” , click  “Settings” , go to the “Your Facebook Information” section, click  “Download Your Information” , then click  “Uncheck All” ”,  Just select  “ Photos and Videos ” , scroll to the bottom of the page and change the  “ Media Quality ”  to   “ High ” and then click  “ Create File ”.

This process may take a few minutes, depending on how many images and videos the user has in their account. When ready, a “Download” button will appear and then the user will have to enter their password in order to download.

Finally, in order to access the media, the user has to open his smartphone file manager, click on the file just downloaded, click on “ photos_and_videos”, open the menu and click on  “Extract” and select the folder where he wants it. to extract.

If you want to perform this procedure from your computer, it is also possible. To do so, the options you have to go to are basically the same, the main difference being that the settings menu is in the little arrow in the top right corner of Facebook.

Extract the files using your favorite extracting tool.

2. How to upload photos from Facebook to Google Photos

After finishing extracting the files, the rest is done by the other app; To do on your smartphone, it’s simple enough: Open the Google Photos app, click the  three lines in the upper left corner, go to  “Device Folders” and select which of the new folders you want to upload and which ones you don’t want.

Depending on the app’s settings, a “New Folder Found  notification may appear right after extracting, where, by clicking, the user can choose which folders to upload.

Doing this on your computer is also easy: just go to the Google Photos website and next to the search bar at the top of the screen click  “Upload” and select the folders you want in the Google service.

3. What is Google Photos?

We have now explained how to transfer photos from Facebook to Google Photos, but we do not explain exactly what this platform is. So let’s do this now.

It’s a Google service launched in 2015 as a continuation of Google+ Photos, retaining many of the previous version’s tools and adding many more. By 2017 the service was already reaching over 500 million users who uploaded more than 1.2 billion photos per day, using over 13.7 petabytes of storage.

You have two photo upload options, which are  “High Quality” and  “Original”. The first one compresses the images a bit, but hardly compromises the quality and guarantees the user unlimited free storage.

The second uploads uncompressed images in original quality, but with a limit of 15GB unless the user pays for a subscription or has a Google Pixel smartphone.

The platform has full browser, Android and iOS support. Your smartphone will automatically upload all the photos you take and videos you record to ensure you never miss a thing. It allows the user to decide whether to upload for mobile data or not.

Has implemented an artificial intelligence that allows you to search for photos by category, for example, if you search for “dog” all photos with dogs will appear. Searching for a person’s name will show all the photos with that person. You can search by location, date, dog species and more.

It also has the  “Assistant” tab that makes photo collages, suggests images to be deleted by identifying that are repeated, optimizes the quality of others and even creates short videos with your images.

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