Unity 8 is Dead; New Name Lomiri

The story of Unity 8 is well known. It began to gain popularity when Canonical spoke of the convergence of Ubuntu, a convergence that the company that runs Mark Shuttleworth forgot because he realized that, at least today, it is unfeasible to use the same operating system in order in mobile devices. Those are chapters of past seasons of a series in which the last episode has brought us a new name: Lomiri.

But what is Lomiri? As we read in the last entry of UBports, it is pronounced “Lomiri” and is nothing more than the new name of Unity 8. Therefore, Lomiri is a graphical environment ready for use on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. In addition, it is based on the Unity that Canonical started, but it is no longer related to the company. Since Canonical abandoned it, it is UBports who takes over its development. Nothing has changed except his name.

Lomiri looks good on phones, tablets and computers

UBports has explained some of the reasons why they have decided to change the name of Unity 8 to Lomiri and the first one they have mentioned is that “Unity” is also a 2D / 3D simulation and gaming platform. There were many users who came asking about games at the UBports forums, which was a problem that messed everything up and they had to solve. Other reasons are explained as follows:

In addition, efforts have begun to group Lomiri into Debian and Fedora. A point of conflict for these efforts was the name “ubuntu” in many of Lomiri’s units. For example, “ubuntu-ui-toolkit”, “ubuntu-download-manager”, “qtubuntu”, etc. The packers warned that packages containing the name “ubuntu” may not be accepted in their destination distribution.

Another less technical reason has to do with its pronunciation: Unity8 was difficult to pronounce, so it was difficult to say several times in a conversation. At first, they expected Canonical to leave him in only “Unity,” but that didn’t happen. What did happen is that they abandoned the project and the name remained, so this change has also had to be carried out by UBPorts.

Easier to pronounce and use

UBports tested several names before deciding on Lomiri, but all presented one or the other problem. The name chosen is perfect because it is easy to pronounce and does not present any development problem, which includes not fighting with any dependency.

But the best and what interests users most is that we will not notice anything at all. Unity 8 did not appear anywhere in the operating systems that used it, so everything will continue as before. All we have to know is that from now on the developers refer to it by another name, one that we have to get used to listening and also to say.

How about the name change from Unity 8 to Lomiri?

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